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        Kohodo Group Chairman

        You are welcome to browse kohodo group website, thank you for your attention!

        Wave Tao Sha, retained the essence. Kohodo came from the Longhua, 14 years of arduous pioneering, self-improvement, struggle more than, courage, the achievements of the today's foundation. Venture years like permanent notes, singing kohodo unremitting struggle of the past; and a golden medal, condensing many partners, friends from all walks of life and of the staff of the company painstaking effort and sweat! I with a grateful heart forever you deep feeling thick righteousness, and use this to motivate yourself to work hard, keeping up with the times the pace, with the confidence to win, at the helm of the kaihaoda success heading farther future!

        Today the kaihaoda, climatic and geographical conditions, a new starting point based large-scale reform and development. Faced with the new situation and new opportunities, we have made full preparations and formulated a long-term development plan. When the group company was established, we to the sea again, inspiring the storm, see the world, sail! The human resources, create brilliant!

        Thank you again for your presence kaihaoda Group Co., Ltd. web site, let more friends into the concerns and the development of our, we will optimal performance and best service to meet customer demand, to most sincere efforts to develop friendship and expand cooperation, create brilliant tomorrow!

        Welcome you to become kohodo friends!
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