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        Kohodo group is committed to in the development, construction and sale more return on investment of PV projects, focusing photovoltaic power plant business, for customers provide photovoltaic integrated service is the new Austrian clean energy to solve an important part of the service plan.

        Company to a global business network for traction through the value chain of the industry and project, and professional project developers, financial institutions, and the electric company, formed a strategic alliance cooperation, innovation and integration project financial investment channels, to provide cover project development, EPC, financial investment, project operation and management, until the project was eventually sold the integration services.

        At present, the company has been in North America, Western Europe and Asia, dozens of large-scale construction of the ground station, the roof power station, photovoltaic charging station, photovoltaic building integration and other integrated projects.

        Kaihaoda group as a clean energy comprehensive utilization field of high-tech enterprises, is committed to technology research and development, engineering design, procurement professional, integrated equipment, car service, engineering, construction and management, for customers to provide highly integrated engineering solutions, and integration services.

        Company has professional research institutions, in the coal based catalytic gasification, methanation, natural gas purification, liquefaction and the energy efficiency of the system and access to a number of national patents, and the formation of proprietary technology with independent intellectual property rights, become a leader in the technology development, application and construction in coal based methanation gas utilization.

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